Jersey Election 2022: Who missed out?

Jersey's Election brought drama and disappointment as the people of the island delivered a damning verdict on the last government. The Chief Minister, along with seven other top table politicians were ousted and the Jersey Alliance, which featured a number of sitting ministers, returned just one candidate. As results came through, it was clear voters wanted change.

John Le Fondré

Jersey's outgoing Chief Minister, John Le Fondré, was ousted after coming 6th in the poll in St John, St Lawrence and Trinity.

He was elected as Chief Minister in 2018 and led the island's response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gregory Guida

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Gregory Guida was beaten in the St John, St Lawrence and Trinity district.

He became Jersey's Home Affairs Minister in June 2021, following the death of Constable Len Norman - and he played a key role in dealing with the fallout from the French fishing blockade.

Russell Labey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's outgoing Housing Minister championed the major shakeup of the States Assembly and redrawing of the electoral map, which saw Senators scrapped - a move which proved unpopular with many voters.

Rowland Huelin

Rowland Huelin came bottom of the poll in St Mary, St Ouen and St Peter. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Rowland Huelin, who served Assistant Chief Minister, was tasked with delivering Jersey's population policy.

He failed in a bid to secure a second term, coming bottom of the poll in St Mary, St Ouen and St Peter.

Judy Martin

Judy Martin will leave the States after more than two decades. Credit: ITV Channel TV

One of the States' longest serving members, Judy Martin will leave public office after 22 years of service.

She held a number of roles during her tenure, most recently holding the role of Social Security Minister.

She finished 6th in St Helier South, losing out to Sam Mézec, Tom Coles, Beatriz Porée and David Warr.

Hugh Raymond

The incumbent Deputy for Trinity came bottom of the poll in his constituency. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Minister with responsibility for Sport stood for election, despite undergoing surgery in the lead up to polling day.

An incumbent Deputy, he finished bottom in St John, St Lawrence and Trinity with 421 votes.

Sir Mark Boleat

Sir Mark Boleat came bottom of the poll in St Clement. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The leader of Jersey Alliance bottomed out in St Clement alongside the incumbent Deputy, Lindsay Ash.

It capped off a miserable evening for the party. Having fielded candidates in all nine of the newly formed constituencies, the party won seats in none of them.

Of the 14 candidates who stood for the party, only one was returned in an uncontested Constable race in Trinity.

Steve Pallett

Progress Party leader Steve Pallett lost out on a return to his home parish of St Brelade. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Progress Party leader and current Senator finished fifth in a four horse race in St Brelade.

His party had been in coalition with the Jersey Liberal Conservatives.

Overall, the JLC and Progress coalition returned a total of 3 candidates.