Jersey entering fresh Covid wave

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's government has no plans to scale up public health measures - but warns the island is entering a new wave of Covid infections.

As of the latest statistics update, the number of known cases in the island has risen to 946, with five people in hospital testing positive for the virus.

A government spokesperson said the ongoing availability of free PCR and Lateral Flow testing means the island remains in a good position but warned against complacency.

They said: “There are currently no plans to either increase or decrease any public health measures or guidance. However, COVID-19 does still remain a threat to the most vulnerable and unvaccinated. It is known that the effects of the vaccines wane over time, which means those that do not keep up with their vaccine schedule are not best protected.

“As a significant portion of Islanders have not been eligible for the Spring Booster, and immunity from previous infections doesn’t guarantee protection against new variants, it is vital that everyone keeps doing the right thing to keep each other safe."

Ahead of Jersey's election, islanders were asked to take Lateral Flow Tests before heading to polling stations.

The government is asking islanders to:

  • isolate if they develop symptoms and arrange a PCR test

  • use an LFT twice a week and before visiting vulnerable people or settings

  • keep their vaccinations up to date

  • improve ventilation by opening windows

  • wash and sanitise hands regularly