Tom Binet announces he will not stand for Chief Minister role

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Tom Binet says he will not be putting himself forward for the role of Jersey's Chief Minister.

Speaking to ITV News he said he will instead give his full backing to Kristina Moore.

Previous Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst has also given his support.

So far three politicians have lined up for the role:

Kristina Moore Credit: ITV Channel TV
  • Kristina Moore

Kristina Moore says she has enough support to become Jersey's first female Chief Minister.

She said she was "delighted" at being voted in as a Deputy for St Mary, St Ouen and St Peter where she topped the polls in her constituency, taking 2,730 votes.

Head of Reform Jersey Sam Mézec Credit: ITV Channel TV
  • Sam Mézec

Sam Mézec will also stand for the role of Chief Minister in Jersey.

Reform Jersey's parliamentary party unanimously agreed to put forward their leader for the top job at their first meeting since the election.

In a statement, the party said: "We believe that the election result clearly shows that there is widespread public support for positive change. Only Reform Jersey can provide that change."

The party will publish a full statement on Monday 27 June setting out its intention to form the island's next government.

Sir Philip Bailhache Credit: ITV Channel TV
  • Sir Philip Bailhache

Sir Philip Bailhache of the Jersey Liberal Conservatives is also putting himself forward for the role.

Speaking to ITV News he said that he would bring experience to the role: "I've been involved in the public administration for a very long time. I know how it works."

It comes after the islands current Chief Minister John Le Fondre lost his seat.