Jersey woman has 'never felt so disabled' after being moved into new flat

A 77-year-old Jersey woman says she has never felt so disabled, after being moved into new accommodation which does not meet her needs.

Jenni Halsey lived independently in disability friendly flats at Willows Court in St Helier for 27 years, but the building has now been demolished to make way for affordable housing.

Jenni has been moved to the newly built Le Clos Couriard, housing by Andium Homes, and says she cannot reach her sink, open windows or even leave her flat.

Jenni has Multiple Sclerosis and has been housebound for three months. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Even the most simple of tasks, she finds incredibly difficult like answering the phone or opening a door.

Jenni has Multiple Sclerosis - but for the last three months she has been totally housebound, unable to leave her new flat as it has woefully unsuited for her needs.

"I can't open the doors. I can't get out the doors. I knew I just couldn't manage, but it's such a beautiful flat, is it not? I feel more disabled here than I've ever felt in my life which is not good. It's a beautiful flat, but not for me."

Jenni is one of three people who have the same severity of mobility issues and have had to be relocated.

Jenni's daughter Vanessa says this is the first time her mum has felt truly disabled. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jenni's daughter Vanessa helped her to find the flat she is in now, but she says she was told adjustments would be made before her mum moved in.

"We were told that things would be modified before mum would move in. The need to keep an eye on her is far greater than it's ever been. She's been always massively independent and she's always managed to keep that independence and she said this is the first time she's felt truly disabled."

Andium Homes say it does occasionally happen where someone moves in and only then finds a place is unsuitable. The company says it regularly adapts homes to suit tenants' needs.

Since making contact with Jenni yesterday (30 June), Andium has told her they have found a new flat for Jenni to move into before the end of this month (July).