Jersey dancing queen Valerie Guy dies at 101

People in Jersey have been paying tribute to Valerie Guy who died yesterday (4 July 2022) at the age of 101.

Valerie ran a dance school in Jersey for 74 years.

She spent years teaching the island's children all about good toes and naughty toes, from the beginning of the Occupation up until 2015.

She was 94 before she hung up her ballet shoes.

Valerie taught generations of Jersey dancers. Credit: ITV Channel TV

In that time she taught generations of islanders ballet, tap and jazz.

One of the many people remembering her influence and kindness today is Alison Baker, a family friend all her life. "She was such an icon and a figurehead. People of my generation have looked up to her. Amazing, amazing lady. I find it very hard today to think about her actually because she's just such a big part of so many of us really, and she'll always be there somewhere in our hearts and our children's hearts. I don't think she'll ever disappear."

Alison Baker has known Valerie all her life. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Laura Wink took over the school in 2015.

Laura Wink took over the dance school from Valerie in 2015. Credit: ITV Channel TV

She says Valerie was strict but had a really kind heart.

"She only ever wanted the best for the children and she always used to say it's not about your natural ability, it's about your passion and I think as a teacher that came through, her passion for dancing and her love of dancing and it rubbed off on everybody she taught."

Valerie would often present the Sid Guy award each year to the top young girl and boy footballer in Jersey.

Valerie presenting the Sid Guy award Credit: ITV Channel TV

She said dancing was the secret to a long and healthy life.