All change as Jersey's new Chief Minister lines up picks for Ministerial roles

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's new Chief Minister has named the candidates she will be putting forward for roles in her new-look Council of Ministers.

Deputy Kristina Moore was voted in as Chief Minister designate by the States Assembly at its first full sitting on Tuesday 5 July. She saw off a challenge from Reform Jersey leader Deputy Sam Mézec, winning 39 votes to 10 to become the first woman to hold the role.

She has now set out who she wants to work with in the island's next government- with just two of the existing council of Ministers billed for a return.

  • Treasury and Resources - Deputy Ian Gorst

Deputy Ian Gorst could move from External Relations to the Treasury. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Having expressed an interest in returning to his current brief, Deputy Ian Gorst is not being lined up to continue as Minister for External Relations and Financial Services.

Instead, Kristina Moore has put him forward to serve as Treasury Minister, taking over from Susie Pinel who has retired from the States. A former Chief Minister, Ian Gorst has served in the States since 2005.

  • Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture - Deputy Kirsten Morel

Currently an Assistant Minister in the department, Deputy Kirsten Morel could soon be leading on economic development if the new Chief Minister gets her way.

Deputy Morel topped the polls in St John, St Lawrence and Trinity on election night.

  • Health and Social Services - Deputy Karen Wilson

A frontline nurse by profession, Deputy Karen Wilson is being put forward to take up the lead on the island's health brief.

If successful, she would take over the role from Deputy Richard Renouf.

  • External Relations and Financial Services - Deputy Philip Ozouf

Making a return to the States after a long period out of politics, Deputy Philip Ozouf is being lined up to take the role of External Relations Minister. That is currently held by Ian Gorst, who is being put forward as the new pick for Treasury

  • Housing and Communities - Deputy David Warr

    Deputy David Warr is being lined up to take on the brief of Housing and Communities. Credit: States Assembly

Arguably the most difficult brief, Deputy David Warr will be tasked with tackling Jersey's

housing crisis if signed off by the Assembly. The local businessman won a seat in St Helier South in June.

  • Children & Education - Deputy Inna Gardiner

Inna Gardiner was first elected to the States in a by-election following the 2018 election.

In her four years in the States so far, she has chaired the Public Accounts Committee. She wasreturned in the new constituency of St Helier North in June.

  • Environment and Energy - Deputy Jonathan Renouf

Environmentalist and former TV producer Jonathan Renouf is new to the States, having won a seat in St Brelade at this election.

He has been touted by the incoming Chief Minister for the role, which would see him take over the role from Deputy John Young who is standing down from the States.

  • Home Affairs - Deputy Helen Miles

A new Deputy for St Brelade, Deputy Helen Miles has a background in law enforcement and criminal justice with over 30 years experience.

Deputy Inna Gardiner, Deputy Jonathan Renouf and Deputy Karen Wilson could all be given ministerial roles. Credit: States Assembly
  • Social Security - Deputy Elaine Millar

Another new face in the States, Deputy Elaine Millar represents the new constituency of St John, St Lawrence and Trinity. If approved by the Assembly, she would take on the role of Social Security Minister - a role currently held by Judy Martin, who lost her seat in the last election.

  • Infrastructure - Deputy Tom Binet

Once lined up as a potential contender for the Chief Minister role himself, Deputy Tom Binet could instead be the island's new infrastructure minister.

The current holder of the post is Constable Kevin Lewis, who was returned in his new role having previously served as a Deputy.

  • International Development - Deputy Carolyn Labey

The Deputy for Grouville and St Martin will continue in her International Development brief if approved by the States. In the last term, she also chaired the island's Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

The States Assembly will debate the nominees at their next meeting on Monday 11 July.

If they are the only nominee put forward, they will take on the role - however, members can also nominate their own candidates so the Chief Minister Designate may not get their pick.

Subject to approval of the States, the incoming Chief Minister can also change the scope of government departments, abolish departments and create new ones.

Once the full Council of Ministers is in place, the Chief Minister Designate will formally become Chief Minister.