All Guernsey secondary schools to finish at same time from September

Credit: ITV Channel TV

All secondary schools in Guernsey will finish the school day at the same time from September.

The island's Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre will finish 3.05pm, in line with the three other secondary schools in the island.

Students will have a shorter lunch break and earlier finish time.

It comes ahead of the introduction of the new model for Secondary education in September 2025. Liz Coffey, Executive Principal of the Secondary School Partnership said: "This is a very positive step and there are so many benefits to this change. It will help ensure a similar educational experience across all sites and allow activities at the end of the school day to start sooner for both students and staff. Inter school sporting fixtures and meetings or training involving staff across schools can get underway sooner. "Minor adjustments will be made to staffing practices within the Grammar School & Sixth Form Centre to accommodate the one-hour lunchbreak and earlier finish. This has been discussed directly with affected teams."

School bus services will also be rearranged to accommodate the new school bus service, with some routes potentially needing to be amended to meet the new pick up time.

Parents and carers will receive a questionnaire asking which school journeys their children plan to make by bus from September. Any changes to school bus routes will be announced ahead of the new term.