Burgess Boat takes the win in Sark2Jersey women's quad race

The Burgess Boat has taken the win in the Ladies Quad event for its first ever Sark2Jersey race.

The rowing boat is named after our much-loved colleague Gary Burgess, who died at the beginning of the year after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

It has been donated by the Jersey Community Foundation, using money raised by the Channel Islands Lottery and was unveiled at the Jersey Boat Show last month (June 2022).

Gary's husband Alan congratulated the crew and told them it was "wonderful" and "great to watch."

Alan congratulated the crew on their victory. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The open sea coastal race started at 10.30am today (9 July) after rowers checked in at Dixcart Bay in Sark.

The crew of Hayley Cook, Tracy Mourant, Rosie Adamson, Laima Pacekajute and Taye Le Monnier made their way over to Sark this morning.

Cox Tracy Mourant explained how it felt to win.

The first boat to cross the line overall was made up of Guernsey's Tom de Kooker, Lloyd Le Page, Simon Johns, Joseph Paul and James Coquelin say they were "delighted" at the result.

Here is the winning moment:

They say the choppy conditions caused some challenges.