Court rules Constable recount for Jersey Election vote in St Saviour

The ballot box will now be unsealed and votes recounted. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's Royal Court has ruled that a recount must take place of some votes in last month's election.

It involves the count for Constable of St Saviour with Kevin Lewis narrowly beating 'none of the above' by 1,552 votes to 1,136.

However, a court official noticed a discrepancy of 460 votes.

The ballot box will now be unsealed and votes recounted by the end of play on Wednesday 20 July.

The recount will be done by public officials who were not involved in the original count on election night.

The next court hearing will take place in a fortnight when the recounted vote will be announced and Kevin Lewis will stay as Constable of St Saviour while the recount takes place.

St Saviour Constable vote:

Constable Lewis was previously Jersey's Infrastructure Minister and took over his new role from Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard who passed away in April.