Guernsey footballer Maya Le Tissier announces she is leaving Brighton

The 20-year-old defender announced her departure on social media. Credit: PA Images

Guernsey-born footballer Maya Le Tissier says she is leaving Brighton after four years at the club.

The 20-year-old defender announced her departure on social media, thanking teammates, staff and fans for their support.

She wrote: "For taking me in as a 16-year-old who moved countries into a whole new environment, I'm grateful.

"To my teammates, I can't thank you enough, my family for a lifetime.

"To the fans, your support never goes unnoticed. I've loved playing in front of you and I hope you can see that I've given you everything I've had, every time I wore the shirt."

Maya has not confirmed where she will be moving next but there is likely to be plenty of interest after she was named one of the world's top young female footballers last year.

Supporters shared their reaction online with Chris Maguire writing, "Big, big loss for Brighton. Best young defender in WSL for me. Good luck".

Cam Chapman added, "Gutted that you're leaving - but best of luck wherever you go Maya. You'll smash it wherever that may be!".

And @dawbercpo praised Maya for being a role model, saying, "Thanks for being an inspiration to my daughter Heidi and all the other girls wishing to follow in your footsteps".