Blog: Are we going to see record breaking temperatures in the Channel Islands?

Credit: ITV Channel

There is no doubt we have had some hot days this week.

Tuesday threw up above 30 degree temperatures for the Channel Islands.

We had 33.2C in Jersey which was the equal hottest day of the year so far (we also saw that on 17 June).

It was also the hottest day of the year so far for Herm which saw 32.2C, Guernsey saw 30.4C and Alderney had 27.9C.

With the mercury set to rise again above 30C over the weekend - does this mean we are going to have a heatwave here?

A heatwave is declared in Jersey after the temperature on six consecutive days exceeds the average maximum temperature for that day by 5C.

Although we know that Monday could see record breaking temperatures for Jersey - 36C is the current record- what happens from Tuesday onwards is still rather uncertain and confidence is low.

The winds will become easterly on Sunday which means we will draw in warmer air from France.

For the Bailiwick of Guernsey the temperature has to reach 28C or more for three consecutive days for a heatwave to be declared.

I think looking at the forecast from Saturday onwards, we could see this for Guernsey with hot and sunny days ahead, potentially reaching 32C on Sunday.

With these extreme daytime temperatures comes warm, humid nights.

A tropical night is when the overnight low doesn't dip below 20C which makes for uncomfortable sleeping conditions.

We could certainly see a few of these across this weekend and into the early part of next week.

Jersey last had a tropical night on the 20 July 2021 and Guernsey on 19 July 2016 - they both recorded 20.3C. The record was on 5 August 2003 in Guernsey which saw 23.7C.

What is clear is that we have some very hot days ahead to navigate.

The advice from Public Health is clear to mitigate against heatstroke and heat exhaustion: Stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day, wear sunscreen and a hat if you have to venture out, stay hydrated and wear loose, light clothing.