Calls for more carer support across the Channel Islands

  • Report by ITV Channel's Alex Spiceley

A woman from Jersey is urgently calling on the island's new Chief Minister to do more for carers. Marisa Burrows looks after her husband full-time, working up to 160 hours a week.

However, in the last two years she has only had six full days off, which have been covered by respite carers.

She says more support and an increase in the Home Carer's Allowance would help.

Marisa explained: "It's not easy, respite is a big thing and I think if they get one person that covers carers in Jersey - like a Minister that stands out and helps us - then I haven't got to fight like I've had to fight for two years for respite."

  • Marisa Burrows's emotional plea for Jersey's new Chief Minister Kristina Moore to help carers

In Jersey, carers who are eligible for the allowance are paid £929.88 per month.

That equates to roughly £6.13 an hour, based on a 35-hour working week.

To qualify for the Home Carer's Allowance islanders must:

  • Spend at least 35 hours a week caring for the person

  • Not take part in paid work for more than 15 hours a week

  • And the person they are caring for has been assessed as needing a high level of personal care

In Guernsey carers are paid much less, £367.60 per month or roughly £2.60 an hour - based on a 35-hour working week.

It has been described as "pitiful" by the President of the Guernsey Carers Association who wants the amount increased.