Jersey teenager selected for world chess tournament in India

  • Report by ITV Channel's Sophie Dulson

A Jersey teenager has been selected to represent the island in an international chess tournament this summer.

14-year-old Yasmin Forbes is the youngest member of the team which is competing in the 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India, in two weeks time.

It will be the first time an all women's team has represented the island.

More than 2,000 competitors will be heading to India for the tournament.

  • Yasmin Forbes gives her reaction to being chosen

Yasmin said: "It's amazing to be representing Jersey because I've been training so hard for this and it's really exciting to be going away.

"I've never been as far away as India before so it's really exciting."

Yasmin has been playing chess since she was a child. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Already a three-time Hampshire Girls Champion for Chess, Yasmin picked up her talent from watching her father play.

She explained: "My dad's probably one of my biggest inspirations and it's just amazing to know that he's close to me.

"I can ask him about any chess moves when I want, it's just really nice to have that there.

"We do a lot of chess together at home and he's just really encouraged me to play and pushed me to my limits which is really nice."