Former Guernsey Deputy Barry Paint has died

Former Guernsey Deputy, Barry Paint, has died aged 74.

The former Castel representative died yesterday (18 July).

He has been described by friends and colleagues as 'a true Guernseyman', 'always ready to listen and do his best to help'. He had a long career as a fisherman and was President of the Guernsey Fisherman's Association. Guernsey's Chief Minister, Deputy Peter Ferbrache said: "I was truly sad to hear of the death of former Deputy Barry Paint. Barry was a wonderful person in every conceivable way.

"He was a devoted family man. He was a Master Mariner beyond compare. He set up and ran a charity in a faraway place which so enriched people’s lives yet all the time never seeking personal attention. 

"I had the pleasure of working with him as States Members. Never have I seen anyone of greater integrity and sincerity. He loved Guernsey with a passion. 

"Those of us who knew him were very fortunate, we will all miss him and remember him with real fondness. He was a truly fine human being. Our sympathies are with his family and we are grateful to them for allowing us to have spent time with him."

Islanders are posting their condolances on social media, saying "what he didn't know about the seas around Guernsey, wasn't worth knowing", and that he'll be "greatly missed".

Deputy HeIdi Soulsby wrote: "He was a real gentleman and very supportive when I was first elected".

Former politician Chris Green said: "I often thought and voted very differently to Barry when we were both in the States as Castel deputies, but I had great respect for him as a colleague and friend."

Barry was born in Guernsey, St Saviour and educated both at St Saviour's Parish School and subsequently at Les Beaucamps Secondary School.

He qualified as a Master Mariner after studying at the London School of Navigation and the Greenhythe Nautical College, spending many years in the Merchant Navy.

Barry was a professional fisherman and a Special Marine Pilot for both Guernsey and Jersey whilst Commanding locally owned container ships.

He was Deputy of St Saviour for eight years and in that time served on the Public Accounts Committee, the Environment Department, the Public Services Remuneration sub-Committee, Housing Department, the Scrutiny Committee, the Sea Front working Group and a committee member of Guernsey’s Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Barry also served on the Castel Douzaine as a Douzenier and was elected as Constable of the parish in 2008.