Electricity prices in Sark to rise for second month in a row

Credit ITV Channel TV
Sark Electricity is blaming increased fuel costs. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The price of electricity in Sark is going up again. From next month (August), those using the grid will pay 4p more per unit. It is the second hike in two months and from 1 August it will cost 74p per unit.

Customers saw an increase of 11.3p per unit at the end of June, when a six-month fuel subsidy came to an end. Providers, Sark Electricity Ltd say the price hike is down to increased fuel costs. Alan Witney-Price, owner of Sark Electricity Ltd said: "We will continue to update customers monthly as the fuel price changes. However, every indication is that we have reached a plateau and indeed prices are now dropping."