People in Guernsey encouraged to be conscious of their water use

Juas water works in Guernsey
Guernsey Water Credit: ITV Channel TV

People in Guernsey are being asked to be conscious of their water use.

It comes as Guernsey Water has confirmed its water reserves are currently 83% full, which is below the 10 year average for the summer months.

Guernsey Water say they are not considering a ban on hosepipes at the moment, but are reminding Islanders to use water wisely.

Outdoor water can be reduced, or made more effective, by following these tips:

  • Re-use any water used for water play (e.g. paddling pools) on your garden.

  • Water plants only in the evening or early morning to reduce evaporation.

  • Use a watering can instead of a hose, and avoid using sprinklers if possible.

Steve Langlois, Guernsey Water's Managing Director says "We monitor water resources closely.

"This allows us to act appropriately in line with our reserves, carrying out internal changes to reduce impact on customers and providing us with a guide to when any wider measures may be required."