Jersey's 'bionic cat' turns 15-years-old

Oscar the cat has just celebrated his 15th birthday with his owners in Jersey, but 13 years ago they were not sure he would make it to three.

In 2009, two-year-old Oscar suffered severe injuries after being run over by a combine harvester.

When he was found an hour later, he had lost a lot of blood and was close to dying.

He was taken to see Peter Howarth, a veterinary surgeon at New Era Veterinary Hospital. Peter remembers receiving the call that Oscar was coming into the Hospital.

  • Peter Howarth, veterinary surgeon

Oscar was flown from Jersey to Surrey to be treated by Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick.

Noel saved Oscar's life by giving him two new bionic feet which gave him the chance to walk again.

  • Oscar's robotic feet allow him to walk and run like he did before the accident.

No animal had ever had two feet replaced, but the initial operation was successful and Oscar adapted well to his new robotic feet.

Noel undertook all of Oscar's procedures for no fee, and his owners say they feel lucky to have been supported by the surgeon who "could see potential in him."

  • Kate Nolan, Oscar's owner

Since the procedure, Oscar's journey has not been smooth-sailing. In 2012, one of his implants broke, leaving him off-balance.

He returned to Noel Fitzpatrick for another operation to address the snapped implant and an infection in his ankle.

Oscar's ankle was amputated and a new implant was inserted higher up his leg into the shinbone.

The Supervet then designed a new type of foot screw called a PerFits to make Oscar's ankle more mobile.

  • Noel wished Oscar a happy 15th birthday

Since then, Oscar has been living a happy life with his owners. They hope he will continue to defy all odds and live for many more years.