The new dance track designed to scare off stealing seagulls

Katya Fowler finds out how businesses across Jersey are dealing with pestering seagulls

A new dance track has been created to stop seagulls stealing chips from people trying to enjoy their time at the beach.

According to scientists at the University of Exeter, a new solution in the on-going problem of deterring seagulls is to use music.

The new track called 'Bye Gull Bye' uses seagull predator calls to warn the birds to stay away from a particular area.

The new track also uses a dance beat to make it more suitable for those with human ears.

The new track has now been released by animal experts, meaning the public will not need to worry about the thieves of the sky.

Businesses across Jersey have been using a variety of different methods to keep the gulls away and draw customers in.

Indigo Lounge Bar and Terrace has moved from clapping at the birds to scare them away, to using a more interactive method - with staff spraying water pistols in the direction of the gulls, which is often successful.