Planning permission granted for Guernsey's Les Ozouets campus

Plans for Les Ozouets Campus
Work on the campus can now begin following the digital plans that were submitted in March 2022 Credit: States of Guernsey

Planning permission has been granted for the post-16 campus to be built on Les Ozouets following a planning meeting.

The Development and Planning authority voted unanimously to approve the plans today (27 July 2022), meaning work can get underway on the new campus.

The original plans for the development did receive objections regarding parking, traffic and cycle routes from the public.

The car parking availability on site has been amended with the number of spaces being reduced by 40, meaning there will now be 346 spaces available.

The reduced number of car parking spaces will allow for an increase in cycle parking meaning 200 bicycles can now be parked on site and an improved pedestrian route can be added.

Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen, President of the Committee for Education, Sport and Culture said: "we are of course delighted that planning permission has been granted for the development of the post-16 Campus on Les Ozouets."

"I know I speak on behalf of the Committee when I say we are excited for the next steps in bringing the campus to life."

Nick Hynes, Director of Education, said: "With the planning process now concluded, we can now move toward starting construction, which we hope will begin with the demolition of the current College of Further Education building - the old St. Peter Port School - Les Ozouets towards the end of this year."

The revised planning application for the development of housing on the site of Pointues Rocques, St. Sampson has also been granted today (27 July).

The Development & Planning Authority voted unanimously to approve the application.

Whilst concerns were raised at the meeting over issues of traffic, safety of vulnerable road users and construction impacts on neighbours, there were also those who showed their support for the plans.

The Authority has considered that a car sharing scheme proposed by the developer will help mitigate traffic impacts on the area.

Phase one of a two-phase development can now proceed, with the construction of 68 houses.