Tourists stranded after Condor cancels Guernsey to Portsmouth sailing

Condor Liberation
Passengers say they have been left distraught after a last minute cancellation and lack of communication from Condor Ferries. Credit: ITV Channel

Holiday makers in Guernsey are calling for more communication from Condor Ferries after their sailing was cancelled hours before it was meant to depart, leaving them unable to travel for at least five days.

The Condor Liberation sailing from Guernsey to Portsmouth was cancelled yesterday (30 July) due to "technical problems".

Passengers were supposed to depart the island at 22:00 yesterday evening, but received a text message at 17:00 saying the boat would no longer be sailing.

The message received by passengers yesterday evening. Credit: ITV Channel

One family has told ITV Channel that the next available sailing they have been offered is Thursday (4 Aug).

Another traveler has said his mother and grandmother have now been left without a sufficient supply of medication due to the unexpected extended stay in the island.

Sailings in Jersey were also hit with unexpected cancellations yesterday evening, with one passenger calling it "bedlam".

Passengers lined up outside Jersey's ferry terminal after their sailing was cancelled. Credit: Keith Le Prevost

In a statement to ITV Channel, a representative for Condor Ferries said: "A new return sailing from Portsmouth to the islands is operating today (31 July).

"We are using the Voyager, our St Malo based ferry, to operate a Jersey-Guernsey-Poole round trip tomorrow (1 August) to get people to their destination."