Could a man from Guernsey become the Channel Islands' first Love Island winner?

Guernsey's Andrew Le Page is in the Love Island final tonight (1 August). Credit: ITV

As the Love Island final looms there is one question on the lips of locals - could the first person from the Channel Islands to enter the competition be voted as one-half of the winning couple?

27-year-old Andrew Le Page currently works as a real estate agent in Dubai, but is from Guernsey.

Andrew and Tasha during the baby challenge. Credit: ITV

Andrew has been in since day one when he was instantly coupled up with 23-year-old dancer/model and now-girlfriend Tasha Ghouri from North Yorkshire. She is the first deaf contestant to enter the villa.

The pair were tested during the Casa Amour challenge, when the girls and boys are separated into different villas and new islanders enter. Andrew recoupled with contestant Coco Lodge.

However, once reuniting and resuming their relationship , Andrew and Tasha have weathered the storms of love and and are now down to the final four couples.

Andrew and Tasha share a kiss on their final date. Credit: ITV

Usually during the last episode the winning couple will select one of two envelopes, one of which holds the full prize fund of £50,000.They will then choose if they want to share the money or keep it all to themselves.The final will air at 9pm tonight (1 August) on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.