Hopes removal of brand logos will encourage generation of non-smokers in Jersey

Jersey's director of Public Health says he's aiming to create a generation of non-smokers. Professor Peter Bradley hopes the removal of brand logos on cigarette packets will put off young people from starting.

Packaging on cigarettes sold in the Channel Islands has now been standardised in a bid to reduce the number of smokers in the islands.

The move has seen branding removed, with new, bigger warnings and information on how to quit included.

However, shops ITV Channel has spoken to who have remaining stock are unsure if they will be reimbursed by suppliers.

Since 2017, prevention actions have included increasing the cost of tobacco by 5% over inflation year on year and increasing rolling tobacco by 10%.

Other actions to try and stop people from smoking include legislation in workplace and hospitality venues, restrictions on advertising, and smoke free cars for under 18s.

Professor Peter Bradley, says: "Quitting smoking is one of the most important things people can do to improve their health.

"We have ongoing support for smokers to stop through the Island’s Help2Quit service and we are hopeful that all these actions together will work towards a generation of non-smokers."

Andrea Tostevin from Guernsey's Quitline service says: "16% of deaths in Guernsey and Alderney are attributable to smoking, which equates to 86 people dying each year. Stopping smoking is the single most positive action that can be made to improve health.

"Plain packaging for tobacco products has been shown to reduce the appeal of smoking, particularly in children and young people. Guernsey’s free stop smoking service, Quitline, is available to support anyone who would like to give up smoking."

More information on how to kick the habit can be found here in Jersey, and here in Guernsey.