MSG issues further email scam warning

Credit: Pexels

Guernsey's Medical Specialist Group has issued another warning about scam emails being sent out claiming to be from the company.

MSG says there is 'no evidence' linking the latest fraudulent messages to a previous so-called 'cyber incident' that compromised the company's computer systems.

In May, Guernsey's Office of the Data Protection Authority opened a formal investigation into the breach.

However, islanders were urged not to speculate or pre-judge the outcome of the investigation - which is still ongoing.

MSG's Chief Executive, Jon Buckland, explained the latest messages:

"We became aware on Friday that islanders were receiving emails that were not from an MSG email address but were using the MSG’s name as bait to get them to click on a link to ‘check their appointment details’. 

"Our analysis over the weekend has shown that there appears to be no connection with the cyber incident that occurred in December 2021 and there is no evidence that the MSG’s systems have been compromised.  

"All the emails we have seen are sent by the perpetrators to a address. The MSG is only implicated because the email signature is based on an older MSG email footer and disclaimer."

He repeated previous advice to islanders, urging them to be cautious of any suspicious-looking messages, and never to click any links or attachments.