Alderney Wildlife Trust snorkel to explore the wildlife and beauty at Braye beach

Marine biologists and Alderney Wildlife Trust are using snorkeling to explore the wildlife and beauty at Braye beach.

Snorkeling is an activity that people usually do to catch a glimpse of the vibrant colours, exciting sea creatures and unusual wildlife that live beneath the clear waters.

But for Allen Marine Biologists, snorkeling is also a great technique to monitor seagrass and kelp numbers that live off the coast of Alderney.

Mel Broadhurst, one of the marine biologists, says: "It's about pootling along and taking your time to see what's about.

"I float about on the surface and have a look what's around me and the thing is that fish won't be scared as much."

For people visiting the island, the Alderney Wildlife Trust runs snorkeling tours so everyone can see what goes on under the water.

Mel says: "our snorkeling safaris take you out in a number of different bays and we show you how to do it and we have knowledgeable guys to tell you what you're seeing."

The snorkeling tours and the Marine Biologists monitoring the sea creatures are working to show more people the beauty of Alderney's coastline.