Blog: Daft rafts and lobster costumes - Kate's Alderney Week highlights

ITV Channel's Kate Prout put on a crabtivating performance, keen to redeem herself after the weekend's Rocaquaine Regatta.
Credit: ITV Channel TV

A last-minute packing decision ended up being one of the defining moments of Alderney Week for me.

Our entry into the Daft Raft Race on a borrowed vessel looked doomed from the start and we needed a Plan B. Cue the lobster outfit I've been keeping for just an occasion as this.

Yes, we came second to last but no one forgot the bright red crustacean paddling like mad and getting sprayed by the RNLI lifeboat hose.

It was mentioned by the many people in the street, on the beach, in the pub who made the time to come and say hello. That's Alderney for you.

It's my first time at Alderney Week and it's been a blast.

From the strongman and women contest in Victoria Street to the weird and, frankly, wonderful sandcastles on Braye beach, we've made friends and, hopefully, good TV all week.

I don't think a single person has said no when we've asked for help or for an interview.

We even persuaded a group of swimmers to stay in the water for us when they should rightfully have been in the pub.

Our cameraman, Dan Wickham, has been an absolute star and as I write this is busy constructing some contraption for the man-powered flight tomorrow.

I'm already nervous. And he happily came swimming and/or snorkelling with me every day. What a brick!

And of course, I'll have to return next year because we still haven't fitted in a bunker party yet. I expect to see many familiar and friendly faces and meet a few new ones too.

Thanks, Alderney. You really have put on the Greatest Show!

The official poster for Alderney Week 2022 Credit: Alderney Week