Jersey domestic abuse survivor speaks out

A Jersey woman who was domestically abused by her former partner has spoken to ITV News about the trauma she suffered and how she wants to encourage other victims to speak up.

Lauren Thomson met her abuser in 2017 and it soon became apparent he was not all he seemed.

She said: "I would be sleeping and I would get punched in my sleep or kicked out the bed. He tried to throw a TV at me, the police came and did nothing.

"It just got worse and worse as time progressed. I got a glass chucked at me and I was basically fighting for my life."

Her abuser was sentenced to 120 hours of community service for two counts of assault and one of grave and criminal assault. He also received a restraining order.

Lauren thinks he should have been jailed and plans to appeal the sentencing.

She said: "It just makes me so sad to think how many other people are going through similar situations and they do not get justice in the end - and that is why people do not speak up."

Jersey's new domestic abuse law is yet to come into force - despite having been approved by the States Assembly.

It is still going through the court system and is expected to be in place later this year.

The new law will make controlling and coercive behaviour a specific crime for the first time in Jersey's history, with offenders receiving up to five years in jail.

If you or someone you know has been affected by domestic abuse, there are services across the Channel Islands which can help.