Land for 'desperately needed' key worker accommodation bought in Guernsey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Land to build 'desperately-needed' key worker accommodation in Guernsey has been bought by the Guernsey Housing Association (GHA) for £1.7m.

It is hoped that up to 25 accommodation units could be developed on the former CI Tyres site in La Charroterie by 2024.

The GHA says the site's location, near the island's hospital, makes it an ideal site to house key workers. The States has been grappling with a shortage of affordable homes for staff working in health and other key areas.

Steve Williams, Chief Executive at GHA said: "They tell us that they have got a need for about 150 properties for key workers which is obviously a big number.

"Although it is only 25 properties it goes someway to starting to tackle the housing need."

Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez, Vice-President of Guernsey's Employment & Social Security Committee said: "given that this site already has planning permission, it is going to be a shorter process than other sites.

"So it is a really important step to providing more much needed keyworker accommodation relatively quickly for that longer term view."