Sally Minty-Gravett completes six cross-channel swims in six decades

A swimmer from Jersey has set a new cross-channel record - becoming the first person to complete the challenge six times over six decades.

Sally Minty-Gravett swam the route in 15 and a half hours on Sunday (7 August).

Although she insists this is her retirement swim, the 64-year-old says 'never say never'.

Sally described finishing the race as "very special".

"Traditionally there are these two or three lovely French swimmers that meet swimmers on their finishing points all up the coast and sure enough as I swam in, there they were with some bubbles for me on the slipway outside the restaurant.

"It was really special, it was a textbook swim, from Shakespeare beach to Le Cap, finished at the restaurant.

"I've only ever seen people finish at that restaurant, not me, and I've never finished in that area, I've always finished down the coast, so it was a very special day."

Speaking to ITV Channel TV Sally said the crossing was a "textbook swim" and she was "in her happy place".

"Cliff and Emma who were looking after me said as soon as I got to my first feed, which was at two hours, they told the world I was out there... They said my voice had changed, my persona had changed and I was just in my happy place. It was a very special swim, a good swim, a textbook swim."

Sally says now is time for "parties and fun things" as she celebrates her achievement.

"I can rest easy now, I don't have to train anymore. My goggles and hats are all washed and put away, I'm not going to get them out until the weekend, I'll probably go for a little play swim when I get back, but it won't be training, I don't need to train now."

Sally is raising funds for Jersey Lifeboat Association & Dementia Jersey.

Supporters have been sharing their congratulations on social media.

Jersey's Minister for Sport, Deputy Lucy Stephenson described the feat as an 'incredible achievement'.