Islanders told to be careful of fires as dry weather set to continue

The dry conditions have already led to a number of fires. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Firefighters say people in Jersey should be more careful as the dry weather means there is a higher risk of fires.

The conditions have already led to a number of fire-related incidents. On Sunday, tinder-dry gorse caught alight and scorched a 450m² area in St Brelade.

Islanders are being told to minimise the risk of a fire by safely disposing of items like glass bottles and barbeques.

Jersey Fire Station Commander, Paul McGrath, says: "The fact it has been a month now with very little rain and it's forecast to continue for the next six to ten days.

"It's getting drier, it's getting hotter towards the end of this week, so what was already a risk is now even more of a risk so just be mindful. Go out and enjoy it but just dispose of everything."