Minister takes to the doorstep to tackle Jersey's housing crisis

  • Phil Wellbrook has met one woman who found it so difficult to get on the property ladder, that she decided to leave the island altogether.

Jersey's new Housing Minister says he is exploring creative ways to deal with the island's shortage of homes.

Deputy David Warr has put a poster outside an empty property at Grands Vaux, asking the owners to meet him and talk about getting these buildings back on the market.

In the letter, he explains: "I am exploring ways we can tackle one of the biggest challenges our island is facing."

It comes as the latest census shows the number of vacant houses in Jersey has increased by almost 1,000 in the last decade to more than 4,000 properties.

St Helier North Deputy Max Andrews wants to work with the Minister to solve the issue but believes any cost to convert these vacant buildings should not fall on the taxpayer.

In a post on social media, he called on the government not to use "public capital to acquire, renovate or convert privately owned & neglected dwellings".

Jersey's Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore, has pledged to bring forward propositions to create prefabricated homes and help address the island's housing crisis within her first 100 days in office.

Kirsty Comer is Jersey-born but had to leave the island as she was unable to find affordable accommodation. She is now back in the island visiting family and says she wants to move back, but fears a hopeless hunt for an affordable house means that her dream will never come true: "All my family's here but it's just, it's scary really. In comparison to over there [UK], you know? It was just the cost really, coming back here is a massive eye opener. There's more to life than struggling".