Guernsey taxi driver says 'peak times are very difficult' to provide a service

The low number of taxi drivers in Guernsey is making it difficult for islanders and tourists to travel.

Many islanders are finding it harder to get a taxi from the airport, after a night out and from taxi ranks. But, the Guernsey Taxi Federation says the problem does not lie with the number of cars, but rather the decreasing number of drivers.

Many registered taxi drivers left the industry during the covid pandemic and never returned. Several more drivers have left the industry since, leaving those remaining struggling to meet demand.

Leon Gallienne, Guernsey Taxi Federation President says: "At peak times it’s very difficult for us to provide the service that’s needed. We’re struggling. I can assure the public that many of the drivers are working long hours trying to provide a service, but unfortunately, we’re not immune to the world situation."

The States of Guernsey completed an independent review looking at private hire and taxi businesses as a whole. This includes availability, affordability and reliability.

The report has been completed according to the States. However, the Taxi Owners Federation has not had sight of it yet.

Taxi drivers hope that the findings of the report will help the States to come up with a clear strategy to both support and rejuvenate the industry moving forward.

However, until the report has been reviewed and the findings are known, the small pool of dedicated drivers will continue to do their best to support the island's needs.

Leon says: "I hope that we get more support, I think it’s now recognised that we do need a quality taxi service. It’s been taken for granted for a number of years – not enough people understand that we are well needed out here and with that we need to work with the department to try and recruit what I would say are younger members of the public."