Guernsey visitor numbers back above pre-pandemic levels

More people are staying in Guernsey hotels compared to the summer months of 2019, helping the tourism industry to recover.

Hotel occupancy is 10% higher than it was in 2019 and is expected to rise even further towards the end of the summer months.

The last time Visit Guernsey reviewed data provided by accommodation suppliers, they found that the occupancy average reached a peak of 76% in June.

Recent data shows that June's average in 2022 was 79.6% and increased even further to 82% in July.

These figures are continuing to rise throughout the summer of 2022, despite the ongoing battle with economic questions and recovering from the pandemic.

Deputy Neil Inder, Committee for Economic Development said: "While this season the tourism industry is continuing to recover from the pandemic, and continues to see the impacts of the increased global economic uncertainty, the actual occupancy for August is currently 85% which is predicted to rise to 89% over the month."

The industry average for August 2019 was 75%, meaning Guernsey hotels have seen a 10% increase compared to three years ago.

Neil Inder said: "This is evidence of the Bailiwick bouncing back well from the significant impact the pandemic had on tourism, albeit we know there are still challenges for the industry and we remain committed to doing all we can as government to support."

However, whilst many hotels are fully booked, a large number of the people staying in them are long-stay occupants rather than tourists.

Visit Guernsey is working hard to encourage more people to the island, focusing on young people and new markets.

The States are also talking with airlines and ferry operators to increase Guernsey's reach.