Jersey's Chief Minister promises more affordable homes and higher wages

The cost of living and the housing crisis are two key areas that Deputy Moore wants to address. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey looks set to raise its minimum wage and create more affordable homes as part of a raft of measures promised by the island's Chief Minister.

Deputy Kristina Moore outlined the pledges in a series of letters to her Council of Ministers, congratulating each member of her top table on their new role and laying out a list of expectations.

Key documents such as the Government Plan will be produced in October with many of these issues expected to dominate. They include:

  • Speeding up the move towards a living wage by lifting the minimum salary to £10 per hour. It currently stands at £9.22.

  • Repurposing empty government properties as part of a response to the housing crisis and increasing the number of affordable homes to help people see a future in Jersey.

  • Measures to help renters and young people who want to get on the property ladder, including a deposit loan initiative, some stamp duty breaks and rent-to-buy schemes.

  • An immediate review of the existing hospital project to look at the options for delivering it affordably.

  • Reviewing the Jersey Care Model to make sure it is fit for purpose.

In the letters Deputy Moore explained: "The public has demonstrated its desire for change, and an expectation for this to be done with integrity to rebuild public trust.

"Our island expects a professional government based on strategic thinking and clear communication, which we can deliver."