Islanders urged to decrease water usage after reservoir levels drop

Jersey Water is urging islanders to consider their water usage following a significant decrease in reservoir levels.

Levels have dropped to around 71% which is much lower than usual for this time of year.

Islanders are being warned that formal measures may be introduced in the next two to four weeks to combat water shortages, including hosepipe bans and restricting non-essential water use.

The line shows where the water level used to be, compared to where it is now. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Desalination plant, which provides an alternative water source for the island, has been open since the beginning of August.

The plant costs £8,000 per day to run and currently provides water to almost half of the island.

As a result of hot weather, many of Jersey's streams are drying up, preventing water from feeding into the reservoirs.

Jersey Water plan to increase reservoir storage by 2045. Credit: Jersey Water

During this period of drought, demand for water is much higher at 24 million litres per day.

Jersey Water is encouraging islanders to follow their tips for saving water in their homes, gardens and workplaces.