Love Island's Andrew Le Page returns home to Guernsey with girlfriend Tasha Ghouri

tasha and andrew at the airport in guernsey
The pair were spotted at Guernsey Airport on Sunday 14 August. Credit: Erin Hamilton

Love Island's Andrew Le Page has been spotted back home in Guernsey for the first time since his appearance on the show.

He was seen at the airport with girlfriend Tasha Ghouri, who he coupled up with in the Majorcan villa.

The 27-year-old was working as a real estate agent in Dubai before taking part in this year's series.

Andrew entered the villa on day one and was instantly coupled up with 23-year-old dancer/model and now-girlfriend Tasha Ghouri from North Yorkshire. She is the first deaf contestant to enter the villa.

The pair were tested during the Casa Amour challenge, when the girls and boys are separated into different villas and new islanders enter. Andrew recoupled with contestant Coco Lodge.

Tasha shared a post from Guernsey on her Instagram story saying "even the hotel @peninsulaguernsey has banter" in reference to the fallout between the pair after their time in Casa Amour.

A voucher for 'brunch... or whatever' from the hotel where the couple are staying in Guernsey. Credit: Tasha Ghouri

Once reuniting and resuming their relationship, Andrew and Tasha have weathered the storms of love and came fourth in the competition.

The pair were treated to a personalised cake whilst at a local restaurant during the trip. Credit: Tasha Ghouri

After the final, Andrew's brother Richard said: "To be honest, he didn't think he would ever make it that far so the fact he made it into the final I am sure he is happy about it. Yeah probably a little bit, I think he could've got a bit higher up."

The pair came fourth in Love Island 2022. Credit: ITV

"Obviously the whole Casa Amour thing happened and he got into a bit of trouble and drama but it was good TV as well so good fun, probably not fun for Tasha but he had fun and that's the most important thing.

"He went in there, did what he wanted to do and came out with a girlfriend as well so he has done more than he wanted to do."