More than 1,000 Channel Islands students secure university places

As last year's results were based on teacher's assessments instead of formal exams, grades were expected to be lower this year. Credit: Jersey College for Girls

More than 1,000 students from across the Channel Islands have secured a place at their chosen university or college after receiving their A-Level and BTEC exam results.

This year's cohort is the first to do external exams since 2019 due to the pandemic. They were also unable to sit their GCSE exams for the same reason.

As last year's results were based on teacher's assessments instead of formal exams, grades were expected to be lower this year.

Nonetheless, students across the Channel Islands have done very well, beating the UK's overall pass rate of 98.4%.

Guernsey had a pass rate of 99.3%, with over 31% of grades awarded being A or A*.

Jersey's pass rate was 98.9%, with nearly 38% of students receiving an A* or A grade. Over 87% of Jersey students received A*-C grades.

Pass rate:

A*/A grades:

At the Guernsey School and Sixth Form Centre, over 75% of A-Level grades achieved were A*-C, while 27% were A* or A. However, this is a drop from last year when 41% received an A* or A.

Kieran James, the principal of the Guernsey Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre, said: “Our students’ resilience and tenacity shines through in this year’s results. This is testament to their hard work during the significant disruption caused by the pandemic."

Elsewhere, Jersey's Hautlieu school had a 98% pass rate. Over 40% of those who studied drama received an A*, while 40% of mathematics students were awarded an A* or A.

Nick Falle, the school's headteacher, said: "Think about the pressure of having your university or employment outcomes decided on a whole set of exams when you don't have any experience of doing that.

So the fact that these students have been so successful today is a real tribute to their resilience, their determination, a real tribute to the support of their parents and a tribute to the support of their committed teachers."

At Jersey College for Girls, 57% of students received A* or A grades, with 86% achieving A*-B marks. Carl Howarth, the Principal, thanked his student's parents.

"We are incredibly proud of our students and staff that despite the disruptive adversity of the pandemic, their fortitude, diligence and ambition, combined with exceptional teaching and care of our staff, has made for a truly brilliant set of results."

Students across the Channel Islands have been awarded their exam results. Credit: Beaulieu Convent School

Over a third of students at Beaulieu Convent School were awarded A* or A grades from their A Level or BTEC exams. 85% received A* to C grades.

Andrea Firby, Head of School, said: “I am delighted that our students' efforts and hard work have been rewarded with an excellent set of examination results today. This is a huge achievement during a challenging few years.

"The resilience and maturity that our students have demonstrated in the face of difficult circumstances have been exceptional. We are so proud of this year group and the journey they have taken to reach this point today."

Victoria's College had a pass rate of 99.7%. Over 43% of marks were A*-A, with nearly 90% of grades awarded between A*-C.

The Headteacher, Dr Gareth Hughes, said: "These outstanding results are testament to the continued commitment and dedication of our students and staff.

"It was wonderful to see so many of our students on results day and to celebrate with them in person. I would like to wish all our students the very best for whatever pathway they choose for the next stage of their young lives.”