Guernsey Police promise new cameras in CCTV 'blind spots'

All cameras should be installed within four to six weeks. Credit: PA

Guernsey Police say new CCTV cameras will be installed in 'blind spots' or areas of St Peter Port with outdated equipment.

Funding has been allocated to improve security camera coverage across town after a survey showed residents would feel safer with better surveillance.

The force says the new equipment will allow officers to gather evidence if a crime is committed.

All cameras are due to be installed within four to six weeks, and posters are already being put up in the areas to notify residents.

The Crown Pier, High Street, La Valette, Northside on the Bridge, Salarie Corner, La Tourgand on the North Plantation, St James’ Chambers and the Sunken Gardens are all due to receive new cameras.

The island's CCTV cameras are managed by the Committee for Home Affairs and monitored by the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre.