Jersey hosepipe ban brought in to protect water supply

Anyone using a hosepipe risks being fined £2,000. Credit: PA Images

A hosepipe ban has been introduced in Jersey following a prolonged dry spell.

From midnight (00:01) on Friday 26 August, people are banned from using a hosepipe to:

  • Water gardens

  • Wash cars, boats, trailers or other vehicles

  • Fill ponds, swimming or paddling pools

  • Fill water fountains

  • Clean windows, paths or other outdoor surfaces

Water can still be used for these jobs as long as it is from a bucket or watering can, rather than straight from the mains through a hose.

The order will stay in place for the next four months or until Jersey Water confirms the restrictions have been relaxed.

Anyone who uses a hosepipe while the ban is in place can be fined up to £2,000.

Some exceptions to the hosepipe ban are in place including recreational playing fields, watering plants that are being sold commercially, or for people with limited mobility who otherwise would not be able to tend to their gardens.

Jersey's Environment Minister, Deputy Jonathan Renouf, says it is important that people follow the restrictions.

He explained: "We are all aware that this has been a summer of extraordinary weather, with record-breaking high temperatures and prolonged periods of drought.

"We need to think not only about water supply this summer but also next year. If we run down reserves too much in the next few weeks then our water supply will be highly vulnerable next year, particularly if we have a dry winter.

"I urge islanders to accept this ban on hosepipes and do what they can beyond this to moderate their use of water."