People in Jersey 'going potty' taking part in Neolithic crafting classes

Credit: ITV Channel TV

People in Jersey have been learning more about the island's rich history by recreating pottery at a Neolithic site in Grouville.

Both children and adults have been 'going potty' and learning all about the craft that was taking place in the island thousands of years ago.

Stuart Copeland has been a crafter for more than 20 years and is holding the sessions at La Hougue Bie:

"Probably around 3,000 years ago, they used to make Neolithic pots here at this site."

Stuart Copeland Credit: ITV Channel

He said: "So the whole project is based on making pots they used to make 3,000 years ago, so you use a combination of ancient and contemporary techniques to create coil pots"

He hopes that the sessions inspire a new generation, allowing him to pass on his knowledge and ensure that the historical art form continues.