Photos of Pride's history in Channel Islands and UK on display in Guernsey

Another exhibition, 'Don't You Want Me', also opens on Thursday. Credit: Liberate

An exhibition showcasing the history of Pride celebrations in the Channel Islands and UK is opening in Guernsey.

'50 Years of Pride' documents historical events and milestones for the LGBTQ+ community in the British Isles. It's organised by the charity Liberate as part of this year's festival on the island.

Another exhibition, 'Don't You Want Me', also opens on Thursday. It is a social impact project that explores the heart-warming relationship between queer and transgender people and their rescue dogs.

CEO of Liberate, Ellie Jones, says "by portraying the bond created between dog and owner, this powerful exhibition aims to cultivate empathy, understanding and admiration through photography and storytelling."

Both events are at the George Crossan Gallery. They are free and run until 11 September except for 3 September when the Pride parade takes place.

Ellie Jones added: “This year sees the LGBTQ+ community celebrate 50 years since the first Pride protests in the UK, so it has never been a more important time to look back over the past half a century and reflect on how far we have come, while not forgetting how far we have yet to go.

“Both exhibitions beautifully represent what we stand and work for in their own way - equality, acceptance, belonging and of course, pride in our community.”