Air travel to the Channel Islands down by 20% compared to pre-pandemic levels

A blue islands plane
Whilst this summer's hot weather has helped tourism across the Channel Islands, the number of visitors has still dropped below pre-pandemic levels. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The number of visitors to the Channel Islands is still below pre-pandemic levels, despite a summer of warm weather.

The number of air passengers arriving in Jersey in June was down 21% from 2019 , with sea passengers down just over a quarter for the same period.

It's a similar picture in Guernsey, with air travel down by around 20% this year compared to 2019 and sea travel down by around 33% over the same summer months of May, June and July.

Alan Sillett, President of Guernsey's Hospitality Association, warns without improvements to transport links visitor numbers will fall next year, leaving livelihoods on the line.

Alan Sillett is worried for the livelihoods of islanders working in the hospitality industry. Credit: ITV Channel TV

He says: "We need to improve the transport links of the ferry schedule and lower airfares so it can definitely be better.

What we need is the confidence that next year some changes will be made to increase visitor numbers."

Mr Sillett is calling for government intervention, stating that fares are too high for customers travelling with States-run airline Aurigny.

He is also calling for Condor Ferries to reconsider their timetables so customers do not arrive into the island late in the evening or early in the morning.

The Committee for Economic Development says it is "constantly reviewing Guernsey’s air and sea connectivity.

"We are actively working with airline operators to improve our air connectivity.

"The States of Guernsey is also working with Condor to finalise an operating agreement, as well as being open to approaches from new ferry operators who wish to operate in the Channel Islands, to complement our existing ferry services.

"The Committee is aware of the concerns that have been expressed regarding Condor’s schedules to Guernsey and the President of CfED will shortly be meeting with the CEO of Condor to discuss these concerns and other matters.”

ITV Channel have contacted Condor and Aurigny for comment.