La Société Guernesiaise asks for help with sightings after loss of dragonflies

ITV Channel's Roisin Gauson has this report.

A group that studies insects in Guernsey is asking the public to report sightings of dragon and damselflies.

It comes after a decline in the number of species recorded by La Société Guernesiaise in their latest survey, with 11 types not spotted this time around.

A lack of upkeep and the continued drainage of sensitive sites creates 'pond progression' where rotting vegetation raises the level of the soil and leads to the loss of habitats where these insects live.

They are also vulnerable to pesticides with increased levels of pollution found in Guernsey's streams.

The group says there is still hope that the island could create spaces to welcome these insects back and the forecasted high temperatures may even see new species arrive in Guernsey.

Sightings including photos can be sent to and La Société Guernesiaise are also happy to survey garden ponds.