Jersey doctor slams government plans to scrap new hospital at Overdale

  • Alex Spiceley looks at the fallout after Jersey Government's announcement to scrap the new £800 million hospital at Overdale

A Jersey doctor says the government's announcement to scrap plans for a new £800 million hospital at Overdale is "a travesty of democracy".

Speaking to ITV News, Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr David Ng believes that the island's health workers will pay the price for the U-turn.

He explained: "It's further demoralisation, I've spoken to many of my colleagues and they greeted the news with complete disbelief.

"To impose the two-site on us again as healthcare workers, despite it being rejected four years ago, I think would be a travesty of democracy."

The comments come after ITV News exclusively revealed that plans approved by Jersey's last government for a new hospital at Overdale had been scrapped for being "too big and too expensive".

Reacting to the news, Deputy Lyndon Farnham who used to be in charge of the hospital project has called the announcement a "sham".

He said: "I think it's very unwise for a Council of Ministers to ignore the sovereignty of the States Assembly in our small island.

"What Deputy Binet [Jersey's Infrastructure Minister] has done, he's announced the results of the review perhaps, without the review even starting which just goes to show what a sham it's turning out to be."

A review of the current plans is expected to be presented to the Assembly on Thursday 20 October.

Back in April a doctor warned that "people will die" unless a new hospital is built in Jersey.