Seigneur of Sark looks back on Her Majesty's multiple visits to the island

  • Christopher Beaumont has been telling Wesley Smith of his memories of Her Majesty's visits to Sark.

The Seigneur of Sark, Christopher Beaumont, has been looking back on Her Majesty's multiple visits to the island.

He describes her trips as "full of warmth and enjoyment," saying that he hoped she found the "informal atmosphere on Sark a welcome break from the usual formalities of her role."

He said: "The island has always been staunchly royalist. The first family of seigneurs were very staunchly royalist and we've seen the royalists firmly back in favour ever since the Restoration."

"We have this historic link way back to Elizabeth the First when the grant of the Fief to Hillier de Carteret took place in 1565 and it's only been updated once since then by King James in 1611 and we've had a constant connection to the Royal Family by the direct link between the Seigneur and the Crown."