Four men arrested after armed police called to Sark

Officers had to travel to Sark by boat from Guernsey as there is no permanent Police presence in the island. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Four men have been taken into custody after armed officers were called to the island of Sark.

Three of the men were arrested there and the other in Guernsey, in connection with an alleged aggravated burglary that happened overnight.

They are all aged between 30 and 36.

Police say this is in an ongoing investigation but that they are not looking for anyone else at this time.

Sark has a population of around 500 people, with no permanent police presence in the island.

Officers can travel there from neighbouring Guernsey should any incidents occur.

Under Sark's feudal system of government, a Seneschal is appointed to act as a steward of the island.

The current Seneschal, Victoria Stamps, has asked people to let the officers carry out their enquiries.