Tenants could have rents frozen as Jersey politicians debate cost-of-living budget

Politicians are debating a raft of measures to combat the rising cost-of-living. Credit: ITV Channel TV

People in Jersey could see their rent payments frozen for two years after plans were put forward to protect tenants from "extraordinary inflation".

Deputy Sam Mézec is calling for residential rent controls in response to the cost-of-living crisis which has seen many expenses go up, including housing.

The government previously asked landlords not to increase rents as some islanders struggle to make ends meet - but Deputy Mézec says more concrete help is needed.

He explained: "Whilst the intention of this is noble, it ultimately constitutes just words rather than tangible action to protect people from what may be the harshest increase in their living expenses they will face.

"The only way to be sure that tenants are protected from extraordinary rental inflation is to impose a ban on rent increases and introduce protections for tenants from having their tenancies ended to get around this ban."

Deputy Mézec's proposal will be debated by politicians as they seek to agree a raft of measures to put money back in people's pockets through a mini-budget.

It comes after a survey of more than 2,500 people across the Channel Islands found that more than one in ten respondents from Jersey cannot afford to pay their bills and often have to go without food and heating.