Royal College of Nursing dismisses Guernsey politician's comments over pay

The Royal College of Nursing says they never misrepresented previous pay increases after Deputy David Mahoney accused them of misinformation. Credit: PA Images

Guernsey's nurses' union has hit back at comments from Deputy David Mahoney after he questioned the integrity of their recent vote over pay.

The politician said he had "significant concerns about the ballot, how it was carried out and the integrity of the result" after nearly two-thirds of members rejected a 5% wage rise from the government.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) says it was a fair, independent ballot and they have never misrepresented previous pay increases.

Deputy Mahoney said that he knows nurses who share his view, adding: "The union has made little effort to work collegiately with the employer and instead has taken a confrontational approach, sought to misinform its members and misrepresent the significant increases awarded in recent years.

"We are happy to discuss these issues constructively with the union, and we believe the pay awards made in the past few years demonstrates the States willingness to recognise its employees and find solutions."

RCN Regional Director Ellen McNicholas explained: "We are well aware that there is no simple answer to pay parity which is why the RCN is so eager to talk to the States to explore the many options – but these requests have been ignored.

"It looks as though Deputy Mahoney has had a change of heart and is willing to meet with us which is excellent news and we look forward to arranging a time to do this."