Jersey's Chief Minister announces plans for affordable housing and a healthcare review

  • Deputy Kristina Moore speaks to ITV Channel TV

Jersey's Chief Minister has announced plans to create more affordable housing, make public service more productive and respond to issues raised in a recent healthcare review.

Speaking at an Institute of Directors Leaders' Lunch, Deputy Kristina Moore set out her vision for Jersey beyond the Council of Ministers' 100 Day Plan.

One initiative will see new affordable housing built at the St Saviour's hospital site to help islanders get onto the property ladder.

The site will also provide accommodation for key workers and people with complex needs.

Deputy Moore told ITV Channel TV: "We recognise the need to deliver affordable homes for islanders and also ensure we are providing good homes for our key workers so they, not only come to the island to support us with their skills, but that they want to stay."

In addition, the Chief Minister announced plans to appoint a new "turnaround team" to address issues identified in a recent report of the health service in Jersey.

Deputy Moore said: "We must improve our public services. We will appoint a turnaround team for the hospital to address the serious issues identified in Professor Mascie-Taylor’s report and ensure we deliver an improved service for Islanders."

She also expressed her desire to address staff shortages in the private sector: "We will deploy our existing resources towards key priorities rather than continually recruiting and expanding the public service further."