'King of Clouds': which weather features will the autumn bring?

 A picture of a Cumulonimbus cloud taken by Karen in St Helier, looking out towards the East of the Island.
Cumulonimbus clouds are known as the 'King of Clouds' Credit: Karen from Jersey

We are now into Autumn when sunshine and showers are a common weather feature.

Earlier this month Karen from Jersey sent me this picture - and anyone who knows me knows I love being sent your weather pictures.

Not only do they make my day, I enjoy showcasing them live in the 6pm programme here at ITV Channel as well as in my weather bulletins too.

This picture from Karen in St Helier is looking out towards the east of the Island.

It is a Cumulonimbus cloud bringing heavy rain under it. It possibly led to some thunderstorms and hail too with squally winds. 

Cumulonimbus clouds are known as the 'King of Clouds' and are usually identified by their icy, anvil-shaped top - which the cloud pictured above has.

Cumulus is Latin for heap and nimbus means rain cloud.

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