Three men charged with false imprisonment and robbery in Sark

Armed officers travelled to the usually peaceful island of Sark by boat from Guernsey. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Three 36-year-old men have been charged with false imprisonment and robbery in Sark.

They were arrested in Sark by Guernsey Police on Wednesday 21 September and taken into custody after armed officers were called to the island.

The three men appeared in Guernsey's Royal Court this morning, and have been remanded in custody until Monday.

A fourth man who was arrested in Guernsey has been released without charge.

Guernsey Police are encouraging people to ignore rumours about the case on social media and to allow the ongoing investigation to be completed before reaching their own conclusions.

Sark has a population of around 500 people, with no regular armed police presence on the island.

Officers can travel there from neighbouring Guernsey should any incidents occur.